Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mitochondrial Eve


According to this passage :

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In the field of human genetics, Mitochondrial Eve refers to the most recent common matrilineal ancestor from whom all living humans are descended. Passed down from mother to offspring, all mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) in every living person is directly descended from hers.

Mitochondrial  Eve is the woman from whom all human DNA comes from and originates from. her DNA is in all of us so she is considered to be like the humanity's biological mother.

Ethiopian girl

Moroccan man

East Indian woman
Mexican woman

Mona~Lisa one of the most famous Italian women ever known.
Jackie Chan one of the most famous actor ever known he is also Asian.
I believe that humanity has become diverse by migrating to different areas of the globe and after a while of living in these different ares they bodies of changed and adapted to their environment in such a way to have caused a diversity in the human race.

I believe that in a thousand years if humanity does start coming back together into one race we will look like a combination of all the dominant traits of the different races of humanity.
  • examples
    • dark hair
    • dark colored eyes
    • medium height
    • medium skin tone
    • etc...