Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Ecological Niche of My Favorite Organism

Ecological Niche of dogs

I do not really have a favorite organism, so i will choose one that is commonly known. The Ecological Niche of  dogs. dogs for the most part have two niche they can fit into. One niche is to be a wild animal in the animal kingdom doing what animals do best. The other role is to be part of human society. when a dog is in the niche of human society their role is to be pets, friends, guardians, and co-workers. Their are many roles that dogs play in human society these are just a few.

My Favorite Biome

My Favorite Biome

I choose this rain forest Biome because it gives you a calming and peaceful feeling when you look at it. Its climate is cool most likely foggy with mist and wet. the soil conditions would be wet soft an fertile because it rains in a rain forest a lot.
Here is some animals that live and adapt to the rain forest Biome.
Boyd's Forest Dragon